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 HQ: Methodist Church, The Square, Dunstable, Beds


Scouts Programme from 10 Dec 2023 to 10 Dec 2024

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2023 Location Event Org Duty Dress Helpers
13 Dec 19:45-21:15 Church Hall
Party MatB Uniform not needed Needed: 0
So far: 0
17 Dec 10:15-11:30 Church Hall
Christmas Church Service JenR Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
2024 Location Event Org Duty Dress Helpers
10 Jan 19:45-21:15 Church Hall
GAMES HShel Eagles Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
28 Jan 10:15-11:30 Church Hall
Church Parade - Leader Dedication JenR Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
This is a special church service, where the Church recognises the work done by leaders of church youth groups, including the Scouts. A good turnout of Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts would be appreciated for this event.

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