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 HQ: Methodist Church, The Square, Dunstable, Beds


Beavers Programme from 23 May 2022 to 23 May 2023

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2022 Location Event Org Duty Dress Helpers
26 May 18:30-19:30 Lowther Road Shops
Plant Sunflowers & sports activitys Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
arrive 6.30 with Sunflowers & a hand trowl if you have one, at our community garden. out side the co op. pick up at the same place. please bring a drink with name on.
Risk Assessment - Gardening
2 Jun 18:30-19:30 (to be decided)
Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
9 Jun 18:30-19:30 Longrove
Meet at LONGROVE PTomp Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
parking limited. drop of quickly one way in & out have a walk round & collect wood for camp fire. campfire sing song, cook smore"s. perants & siblings welcome. we need to know numbers.
Risk Assessment - Fire Building (incl. Campfires)
16 Jun 18:30-19:30 Priory Gardens
Obstical Course & keeping health, learning about your pulse KP Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
meet at Priory Gardens, park in Priory church car park.
23 Jun 18:30-19:30 Church Hall
Cycle Badge SalE Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
Cycle Badge
30 Jun 18:30-19:30 Church Hall
map & info, how to use SB Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0
Simon will be showing use how
9 Sep 16:00 - 11 Sep 16:00 Emberton
Family Camp/Water Weekend NickP/JenR Casual Needed: 0
So far: 0
Following the unfortunate cancellation of our Family Camp in May, we hope to have a better result for our September camp. This is traditionally known as the Water Weekend, but we'll try to include elements of Family Camp as well.
25 Sep 10:15-11:45 Church Hall
Harvest Parade Service Uniform Needed: 0
So far: 0

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