5th Dunstable Scout Group
Cubs Programme from 2022-06-24
Regular Meetings are Wednesday from 18:00:00 to 19:30:00

Date (2022) Activity/Event Location Resp Duty Dress
24 Jun 19:00 - 26 Jun 14:00 Summer Camp
Phasels Wood
All spaces for summer camp are now filled, we are operating a reserve list. The following risk assessments on the Phasels Wood website are relevant to this event: https://www.phaselswood.org.uk/_files/ugd/2c3cda_81f1f7ffeec0436c85ab1d91faaab0ce.pdf https://www.phaselswood.org.uk/_files/ugd/2c3cda_7f4a3841826a4afcbcc42d44775acd63.pdf https://www.phaselswood.org.uk/_files/ugd/2c3cda_40541f3ba11c43f5b6b7d0b5274c31ef.pdf https://www.phaselswood.org.uk/_files/ugd/2c3cda_921342d0a4c649dc866221c6370ddba4.pdf
29 Jun 18:00-19:30 Hike
Han.C Uniform, sturdy shoes and for the weather
6 Jul 18:00-20:00 AGM and Barbecue
Milton Bryan
Bri.C/Nic.P Uniform
All parents/guardians are invited to our Annual General Meeting, which will be held while the youngsters are doing scouty activities. Once the (short) meeting is over, you can go and watch what they are doing, and then join us for our barbecue. Free food!
We do make sure the Beavers get their food first, and there is no need to feel you have to stay late - if they need their beds, you're free to take them home when you need to!
13 Jul 18:00-19:30 Sports Night
Church Hall
Jen.R Purple Uniform, shorts or exercise trousers and trainers
9 Sep 16:00 - 11 Sep 16:00 Family Camp/Water Weekend
Nic.P/Jen.R Casual
Following the unfortunate cancellation of our Family Camp in May, we hope to have a better result for our September camp. This is traditionally known as the Water Weekend, but we'll try to include elements of Family Camp as well.
Held at Emberton Country Park: click the link to get directions, and further links to park information from Milton Keynes Council.
25 Sep 10:15-11:45 Harvest Parade Service
Church Hall

Jenny Ryder, Will Evans, Harry Shelley, Bethan Shepherd, Summer Lacey