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Jumble Sale + coffee Morning: February 2019

Image: A pair or two of shoes
A pair or two of shoes

Event Report

Well that's it for another year.

Initial indications are that this will be a record year, with around £3500 taken in sales, a few other bits and pieces still to come in, and lower than normal expenses, thanks to some generous donations of essential facilities, most notably Biffa, for rubbish disposal.

There's an analysis of the taking by stall below.

Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who helped, in organising, leafleting, collecting, transporting, sorting, selling, clearing up, or any of the other miriad activities that go to make this a success.

Thanks also to those who ran the coffee morning, which is also an essential component of the day's activities.

If you came to the sale as a helper, I hope you found it a rewarding experience.

And if you came as a customer, I hope you found some worthwhile bargains.

And in either case, I hope we'll see you again next year.

If you have any thoughts about this year's sale, we'd be pleased to hear them, and hopefully learn how to do better next year. Please use our
contact form.

The following table shows each of our stalls, with their respective takings, and the gain or loss compared with last year.

Bric-a-brac£279.47-4%Little change from last year
Kitchenware£81.16-35%Significant drop on last year, and indeed on all of the last few years
Tools£112.42-11%Bit of a drop on last year, but last year was quite exceptional
Pre-Sale£499.09+84%This is what goes to helpers, before the sale even starts. Our helpers clearly found some things worth having this year!
Books£164.69-10%Books down a bit
Books - Childrens£51.20-23%Children's books down significantly
Toys£239.86+26%Toys did well this year
Toys - Soft£41.13+68%Soft toys did very well this year
Toys - Puzzles&Games£153.80+56%Quite a run on puzzles this year. We did have a lot of Wasgijs, which sold very quickly.
Ladies Clothes£528.07+86%Super performance from ladies clothes, boosted perhaps by the extra space they had, and also perhaps because we separated out some of the higher quality stuff for sale at more realistic prices.
Records/CDs/Videos£112.10+4%Steady progress on the media front
Childrens Clothes£97.18-20%Bit of a drop in children's clothes
Door£345.45+123%Big rise in door takings. Partly due, of course, to the entrance fee having gone from 50p to £1, but also we had more paying customers.
Linens£117.29-22%Poorer performance on linens, despite having a bit more space this year
Gents Clothes£100.50+2%Steady progress on gents' clothes
Bags & Hats£119.52+53%Good performance here, possibly due to having much more space
Outside£93.91-35%I think we had less to sell outside (This is the big stuff - bikes etc). But we do still have one very good quality bike, that we've taken to sell elsewhere.
Shoes£119.05+2%Steady progress on shoes
Pictures£55.08-7%Not quite so many pictures this year, so not a bad performance.
Cakes£28.61+10%We sell what's left after the coffee morning, and this year we also sold some left-over rolls from lunch.
Coats£74.09-59%Apparently poor performance on coats, but last year was exceptionally cold, and this year was exceptionally mild, so perhaps people weren't in the mood for coats. This year's performance is in line with previous years.
Total£3413.69+18%Record-breaking overall performance.
Post-Sale activity
Musical£30.00We sold some musical instruments directly to a local school.
Media£123.90The remaining CDs and DVDs are sold online
Rag£269.500.77 tonnes of left-over clothes, linens etc sold on to a rag merchant, for extra income
Other(est) £100A few other items (bike, lego, playmobil) were picked out for separate sale, as it was felt we would not get a good price at the Jumble Sale itself.

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Image: Main Hall
Main Hall

You can find a full set of full-size images here.

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