5th Dunstable Scout Group
Group Executive Programme from 2019-01-13

Date (2019) Activity/Event Location Resp Duty Dress
14 Jan 20:00-21:30 Group Executive Meeting Church Hall Nic.P
23 Feb 09:00-18:00 Jumble Sale + coffee Morning Church Hall
This is our major fund-raising event of the year, and brings in the essential funds we need to cover the overheads of our Scout Group, so that the youngsters subscriptions can pay for the actual activities. We need a lot of help to make this a success, so please offer some of your time if you possibly can.
25 Mar 20:00-21:30 Group Executive Meeting Church Hall Nic.P
Meeting in the Parlour
3 May 16:00 - 6 May 16:00 Group Family Camp Emberton Bri.C
All members, leaders and friends of the group are invited to bring their families to join us for our annual Family Camp. Bring your own tent, camper van, caravan or other kit, or borrow some from the Group if you don't have your own.
3 Jun 20:00-21:30 Group Exec meeting Church Hall Nic.P
26 Jun 18:00-20:00 Group Barbecue and AGM Milton Bryan Bri.C/Nic.P Uniform
A barbecue for all of our leaders, members, and their parents, held at the Milton Bryan campsite. There will also a be a short AGM. You can find the agenda in the attached document, and the minutes of the last meeting here
30 Aug 16:00 - 1 Sep 16:00 Group Water Weekend Emberton Bri.C Casual
A weekend of camping and water activities, for all members of the group and their families.
7 Oct 20:00-21:30 Group Exec Meeting Church Hall Nic.P