5th Dunstable Scout Group
Cubs Programme from 2019-06-12
Regular Meetings are Wednesday from 18:00:00 to 19:30:00

Date (2019) Activity/Event Location Resp Duty Dress
12 Jun 18:00-19:30 Kite Making Church Hall Jen.R Uniform
19 Jun 18:00-19:30 Camping Prep Church Hall Jen.R Uniform
Cubs who are not attending camp should be collected at 19:15, there will be a short meetings for Campers and their parents at 19:15
21 Jun 19:00 - 23 Jun 14:30 Cub Camp Tolmers Uniform
26 Jun 18:00-20:00 Group Barbecue and AGM Milton Bryan Bri.C/Nic.P Uniform
A barbecue for all of our leaders, members, and their parents, held at the Milton Bryan campsite. There will also a be a short AGM. You can find the agenda in the attached document, and the minutes of the last meeting here
28 Jun 18:00-19:30 District Sports Day Heathfield School, Caddington Jen.R Scarf and for weather
3 Jul 18:45-20:00 Swimming Eversholt Swimming Pool Jen.R Uniform
10 Jul 18:00-19:30 Badge Night / Pack Forum Church Hall Jen.R Uniform
17 Jul 18:00-19:30 Summer Picnic Ashridge Jen.R Uniform
Parents and Family are welcome to come along - bring food
24 Jul 18:00 - 4 Sep 19:30 NO CUBS Church Hall Uniform
30 Aug 16:00 - 1 Sep 16:00 Group Water Weekend Emberton Bri.C Casual
A weekend of camping and water activities, for all members of the group and their families.
11 Sep 18:00-19:30 Games Night Church Hall Jen.R Uniform
28 Sep 10:00-16:00 District Survival Day Longrove Uniform
Date (2020) Activity/Event Location Resp Duty Dress
1 May 16:00 - 4 May 16:00 Group Family Camp Emberton Bri.C Casual
A weekend of camping, with land and water based activities, for all members of the Group and their families.

Jenny Ryder, Will Evans, Harry Shelley