5th Dunstable Scout Group
Beavers Programme from 2019-02-12
Regular Meetings are Thursday from 18:15:00 to 19:30:00

Date (2019) Activity/Event Location Resp Duty Dress
14 Feb 18:15-19:30 No Beavers 1/2 term Church Hall Uniform
21 Feb 18:15-19:30 My skills Challenge badge part 2 Church Hall Uniform
Talk from Sally, health of teeth, Good food bad food, Fruit salad game with parashut,
23 Feb 09:00-18:00 Jumble Sale + coffee Morning Church Hall Bri.C Uniform
This is our major fund-raising event of the year, and brings in the essential funds we need to cover the overheads of our Scout Group, so that the youngsters subscriptions can pay for the actual activities. We need a lot of help to make this a success, so please offer some of your time if you possibly can.
28 Feb 18:15-19:30 Musicians st 1 badge Church Hall Uniform
Make musical intraments, Listen to a short tune of a couple of lines then sing it back. Listen to another tune and beat or clap out rhythm. Bring in empty tissue box
7 Mar 18:15-19:30 Pancakes, cook, Race, eat, learn the history Church Hall Uniform
14 Mar 18:15-19:30 My Skill part 3 & 5 Church Hall Uniform
Make a piece of origami & learn to fold your scarf. & light a candle.
21 Mar 18:15-19:30 Plant seeds for Comunity Garden Church Hall Uniform
Planting sunflower seeds to take home & grow for our Comunity garden. We will be planting in June. Also making seed balls for scattering in open spaces.
28 Mar 18:15-19:30 Mothers Day surprise Church Hall Uniform
4 Apr 18:15-19:30 Decorating boiled eggs & racing eggs, for Easter Church Hall Uniform
11 Apr 18:15-19:30 No beavers Easter holiday. Church Hall Uniform
18 Apr 18:15-19:30 No Beavers Easter holiday Church Hall Uniform
25 Apr 18:15-19:30 Junk gluing in lodges Church Hall Uniform
Please bring in recycling for junk glueing, a Dragon per lodge. Dragon game. Talk about St Georges Parade, History of St Goerge & the Dragon.
28 Apr 14:00-16:00 St George's Day Parade Priory Gardens Bri.C Uniform
Annual St George's Day Parade. Start in Priory Gardens, parade to St Mary's church, West Street for a service. Collect from St Mary's RC Church between 3.45 and 4pm
2 May 18:15-19:30 Hikes away Dunstable Downs Uniform
Drop of at old car park Dunstable Downs, pick up TBA
3 May 16:00 - 6 May 16:00 Group Family Camp Emberton Bri.C
All members, leaders and friends of the group are invited to bring their families to join us for our annual Family Camp. Bring your own tent, camper van, caravan or other kit, or borrow some from the Group if you don't have your own.
9 May 18:15-19:30 T B A Church Hall Uniform
16 May 18:15-19:30 Church Hall Uniform
23 May 18:15-19:30 T B A Church Hall Uniform
30 May 18:15-19:30 1/2 tern no Beavers Church Hall Uniform
1 Jun 10:00-16:00 District Beaver fun day Milton Bryan Uniform
6 Jun 18:15-19:30 Plant out Comunity garden, & games Lowther Road Shops Uniform
Drop of & pick up same place. Aproprate clothing.Bring sunflowers to plant.
13 Jun 18:15-19:30 Father's Day suprise Church Hall Uniform
Part of Skills challenge award 3 & creative activity badge
20 Jun 18:15-19:30 Make kite & games Church Hall Uniform
27 Jun 18:15-19:30 Fly kits & go for a walk. Dunstable Downs Uniform
Drop of & pick up from Dunstable downs. Old car park. Please wear Appropriate cloths.