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Jean Basham

50 Years Service to Scouting

At the District AGM on Wednesday, 12th June, 2019, Jean Basham received an award for 50 years service to Scouting.

If you do the maths, you may think this is somewhat belated, but it seems that the early records documenting Jean's early career had been lost.

Jean started her Scouting journey on 26th November 1956, when she became an Assistant Cub Scout Leader at the 1st Dunstable Scout Group.

In May 1959, Jean then took over as the Cub Scout Leader, serving for ten years to March 1969, when family committments took over. But the then ADC* Cubs wasn't going to let Jean go, so she became Secretary to the District Cub Meetings (in those days, the "Rock Council"), a position that Jean held for no less than 36 years.

Jean was active with the rebuilding of the 1st Dunstable headquarters at Creasey Park, along with her husband Ralph, also an active member of the Scout movement.

In February 2010, Jean, with her husband Ralph, joined the Scout Fellowship, and then after a short break, joined the Scout Active Support, where Jean remains an active member to this day.

Jean and Ralph have both long been active supporters of the 5th Dunstable Scout Group, and Jean has been a member of our Executive Committee since July 2015.

Congratulations to Jean on receiving this well-deserved award.

* ADC = Assistant District Commissioner

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